Friday, September 18, 2009


onhertoes & I went to see U2 Thursday night at the Dome - The Roger's Centre. The roof was open... the CN tower was in the background... the place was full. The Toronto Star had this to say about the Wednesday night event:
It's a satisfying spectacle, with enviable musicianship – Edge the most dominant, with his intense ringing sound on electric guitar (and a deft acoustic turn on "Stay (Faraway, So Close)" – fantastic sound and consistent energy and emotion. They made use of the stage, wandering its outer rim and running across the moving bridges. Even drummer Larry Mullen Jr. left his kit at one point to walk around playing portable congas.

Bono, as limber physically as he was vocally, was jumping, skipping, spinning with arms outstretched.
It was a great evening. The sure do put on a show. Go and check out the "U2 claw" or check out some of the songs on YouTube U2 360 tour

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