Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hermeneutical Humility T-shirt!

God said it.

I interpreted it as best I could in light of all the filters imposed by my upbringing and culture, which I try to control for but you can never do a perfect job.

That doesn’t exactly settle it but it does give me enough of a platform to base my values and decisions on.

It’s a t-shirt that actually expresses some hermeneutical humility (a simple acknowledgment that I might not know everything, and that I might be reading more into the text than I realize).

You can get one here

via ben sternke


Walking Church said...

I have heard a multitude of sermons over my life time - thank Abba I can't remember a single one!!!

There is a lot of bad theology kicking around...some of it my own.

mike said...

you can't remember one of them!
i am crushed! lol