Saturday, October 10, 2009


Up here in Canada, it's Thanksgiving weekend - a time of ‘givings thanks’ to God for all he has given us. Nadine is already home for the weekend, Nathan arrives this afternoon. The coffee is on. The cooking of multiple pumpkin pies starts soon. We head out to a family thanksgiving on Sunday in Parry Sound. As the cartoon below says "one day a year hardly seems adequate."

Let's be moving Thanksgiving from a one-day event to a basic life attitude - being thankful no matter what's happening around us. I trust your thanksgiving is full of blessing - the turkey is optional,

via biker's church

Here's a couple of clips via my friend at meeting of one

The classic "I Will Survive"

& then there is Robert Deniro "You want me to be the turkey" along with the "quintensential turkey" expression of Billy Crystal

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