Saturday, November 28, 2009

random 112

car chase
The famous chase sequence in Bullitt - 1968, a Mustang vs a Charger is one of the best... but then there is Le casse - 1971, an Opel Rekord vs a Fiat 124

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no glass door prank

hot wheels style loop - in a real car
Replicating the clasic Hot Wheels set, Fifth Gear TV attempts to perform a full 360 degree loop in a full size car.

the matrix in lego
Around 440 hours of work, and just in time for the 10th anniversary of the original movie release... the Lego version of the famous Bullet Time dodge scene from The Matrix.

tornado during a soccer match

galileo's fingers

Two fingers cut from the hand of Italian astronomer Galileo nearly 300 years ago have been rediscovered more than a century after they were last seen, an Italian museum director said Monday.

Three fingers were cut from Galileo's hand in March 1737 when his body was moved from a temporary monument to its final resting place in Florence, Italy.

The people who cut off his fingers essentially considered him a secular saint... noting the fingers that were removed were the ones he would have used to hold a pen.
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michael lewis said...

car chase? looked a bit too staged to me.

perhaps you ought to review the car & elevated subway chase from The French Connection? this was filmed live in real traffic without permits or any notification to the City of New York. (minus the edits where we see Hackman driving)