Tuesday, December 29, 2009

end of year/decade

This is the time for end of year - and this year, we have the addition of end of decade - lists.
Best books, music [songs, albums], film, food, most influential people, most news worthy people, deaths, worst in all the preceeding categories and dozens of other lists.

Add to that all the personal evaluation lists... things accomplished, things learned, things failed at... and just plain lists of stuff - interesting to some, boring to others.

I will not be doing any of those, and reading few of these. Most are based on personal preferance, which is valid, just don't tell me that this is the "best" set of moves, books, whatever. It is your preferred set. Just like the "best" worship songs. You can have a list of the most popular, most sold, most copied, but please don't tell me they are the best - they may be, but not necessarily.

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