Saturday, January 16, 2010

haiti part 3

National House of Prayer lists some areas of prayer for Haiti.
  1. For the families of those waiting to hear news of their loved ones. Pray for the many who are grieving in Haiti and its Diaspora, 100,000 of whom are here in Canada. Today’s news tells us there are 1,415 Canadians missing, but only 4 confirmed dead so far.
  2. For the children and the many orphans that have now been produced by this tragedy; the voiceless ones, known to God.
  3. It is imperative to focus on praying for the coordination of the relief efforts. The UN mission in Haiti is missing 200 of their workers (2 of which are Canadian RCMP), and their building is destroyed. Hence we cannot fully access their knowledge of the area or their expertise. The UN has moved their offices to the airport with decimated staff.
  4. A ‘body’ has to rise and coordinate or support UN in the relief efforts. The countries are arriving and sitting at the ramp waiting for instructions. Interestingly, the same happened at Banda Hache in Indonesia after the tsunami. We need revelation, coordination, strategy, order.
  5. Wisdom of the decision makers and the advisors in Canada, and in all the countries sending help, so the right materials and people are sent. These too need coordination, as you can have too much of one thing and none of others.
  6. The Canadian Forces is already extremely stretched (Afghanistan, Olympics, maintaining domestic defence capability response). This emergency adds strain, but we need to look after the poor and the needy. Lord, multiply!
  7. Miraculous survivals are occurring and we want more! For God-given searching and rescuing strategy in the common people, as well as those trained in it.
  8. For hope to rise. Haitians have a culture of endurance and survival, let’s add hope in the risen Saviour. Let’s pray for a new beginning. May the Lord give Haiti a new beginning, a future and a hope. Pray that the Church in Haiti would rise to become a powerful influence for rebuilding a new Haiti on a new foundation spiritually.
  9. For the church of Canada to take its place by standing in the gap for Haiti and also by sending money to the humanitarian missions and the Christian missions that will stay after the emergency disappears. The humanitarians are excellent for emergency relief but many of them eventually leave. Let’s pray for the long-term ministries that are there to can transform in the years to come.

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