Saturday, February 27, 2010

the land time forgot

An old street sign in the foreground, with a newer metric speed limit sign
and the Disco Road waste transfer station in the background.

Disco Road, a four-lane industrial road in northwest Etobicoke, is perhaps Toronto’s most dated street name. Disco is most known as the name of a municipal waste-transfer station. These transfer stations are where garbage trucks unload their pick-ups for sorting and transfer to large tractor-trailers to the Green Lane landfill near St. Thomas, and where residents can unload their own loads for recycling and landfill...

...But right upon entering Toronto from the Mississauga border, the driver is presented with perhaps the last non-metricized road sign in Toronto, maybe even one of the last in Canada. The sign warns of trucks entering and exiting Atwell Drive and the waste transfer station, but gives the warning distance in feet, not metres.

via spacing toronto

I think Disco Road predates the disco era.

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