Tuesday, May 25, 2010

cycling and helmuts

With the great weather we have been having there are lots of bikes out there.
There are also a lot of bike riders without helmets.
In the the last couple of days, the only people I have seen with helmets on are:
  • a few kids - not all - come on parents it's the law!
  • real cyclists
Then there are the e-bike riders:
  • you have to wear a helmet.

To the 2 e-bike riders I've seen this week, get a helmet, it is the law, there is no age exemption for helmets. Every e-bike rider must wear one - check the Ministry of Transportation website.


Terry said...

Helmets are not only the law but also smart! Check out the coolest electric bikes at http://www.pedegoelectricbikes.com

michael lewis said...

With the recent numerous collisions...i'm back to supporting cycling licences and insurance, and of course, mandatory and enforced helmets.

But the enforcement will also be able to crack down on motorists who don't heed cyclists.

This week's Macleans has a good op-ed on this very subject.