Wednesday, July 21, 2010

books and poverty

I friend asked me for some recommendations on practical books about ministry to the poor.
Good question - so here is a start. What additional ones would you recommend?

Greg Paul [pastor of Sactuary in Toronto]
  • God in the Alley: Being and Seeing Jesus in a Broken World
  • The Twenty Piece Shuffle: Why the Poor and the Rich Need Each Other
Glenn Smith [Executive Director of Christian Direction in Montreal]
  • City Air Makes You Free: To transform the city through a fresh, biblical hermeneutic
Ray Bakke [grandfather of urban ministry]
  • The Urban Christian
  • A Theology as Big as the City: google books
  • Street Signs: A New Direction in Urban Ministry
Shane Claiborne
  • Irresistible Revolution
Randy White
  • Encounter God in the City: Onramps to Personal and Community Transformation

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Scott said...

Everything Must change - Brian McLaren - Maybe not best described as practical, but a good thought provoking book on why we should minister to the poor.