Thursday, August 26, 2010

random 128

interesting t-shirts for twinsvia alltop

giant soap bubbles

the greatest pass in racing history
The most impressive pass in racing history is this dirt track racer literally over taking an opponent by leaping above him on a jump. Amazing.

via jalopnik

black tie beach
the video is not up yet, but a bunch of people showed up at a beach in black tie attirevia improv everywhere

nes cartridge harddrivevia etsay

almost the last kodachrome
For six decades it sat perched atop the mountain, the king of color film. But time has almost run out for Kodachrome. The last photo lab in the United States that still develops it is in Parsons, Kansas. Dwayne's Photo will process their last roll on December 30. Post-Dispatch photographer Robert Cohen found his last roll of Kodachrome 200 and took it to the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.
via st louis today

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