Monday, September 13, 2010

random 130

big wheel
They began with the goal of having the widest front tire possible. They ended up with variable steering angle and a burly damper to soak up vibrations, beefed-up frame, stiffer fork springs, sealed up frame tubes to serve as a gas tank, which lowered the cycle’s center of gravity and improving its handling. “We never expected to make it ride like a sport bike,” Davis says. But the end product might actually perform better for a lot of riders. Score one for engineering from the pavement up.
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I like interesting maps. Here are some interesting ones created by Keith Jones of Toronto. [click the link for more maps]
the hobbit in under 2 minutes

bonus. Here's an interactive map of middle earth

old school google search
This is great

cruise ship
This video of a cruise ship in heavy seas is intense, and the Rod Stewart soundtrack doesn't make it any less so. I bet it was quite scary for the folks onboard. The video can't be embedded, so here's the link:
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an interesting mashup
instrumental : John Lennon - Imagine
acapella : Van Halen - Jump

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mandlebot fractal

check out more fractals at wired

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