Monday, September 20, 2010

random 131

5 story tower of bikes
300 or so bike frames that can't be recycled into working bikes and you have the "cyclisk," an art installation in Santa Rosa, Calif. This photo is from the Santa Rosa website, where you can go to see the whole project.

credit card survival tool
This is really neat, from neatorama

boeing spy plan
The SolarEagle is Boeing's winning design for an unmanned plane capable of continually flying for five years on reconnaissance and communications missions above 65,000 feet. The solar-powered, propeller-driven UAV will begin test flights in 2014.

moebius strip comic
fantagraphics posts a Moebius strip comic by Jim Woodring

long photographic exposures
via itchyi
The German photography artist Michael Wesely has created long exposure photographs. Using large format cameras (4x5 inches) he captured the light of his objects for up to 3 years in monochrome or colour. Check out both links above for more examples of his work.

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