Thursday, September 30, 2010


BlogTO has been running a series of photo essays this week [click on the links for photos and articles]

Top 10 Toronto Landmarks
  • CN Tower
  • The Gardiner Expressway
  • Robarts Library
  • The Bloor Viaduct
  • Knox College (1 Spadina Crescent)
  • TTC signs
  • Maple Leaf Gardens
  • Honest Ed's
  • Palace Pier
  • Ashbridge's Bay Pumping Station T

Top 10 Toronto Landmarks (take 2)
  • City Hall (and Old City Hall)
  • Flatiron Building (a.k.a. Gooderham Building)
  • Princes' Gates
  • King's College Circle
  • Royal York Hotel
  • TD Centre
  • High Park
  • The SkyDome
  • The Cubes (UniTri modular "space structures")
  • St. James Town

Top 10 Ugliest Buildings
  • ROM crystal
  • Hudson Bay Centre
  • St. Clair Place (Bathurst & Vaughan)
  • Sheraton Centre
  • Old Mill Hotel & Spa
  • Bloor Dundas Square
  • Metro Convention Centre
  • Wolfond Centre
  • Canadian Tire (Main & Danforth)
  • Alan Brown Building (77 Elm)
13 Views of the CN Tower

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see this pic. I was flying a plane years ago from King City to Toronto Island over the fog of Toronto at the height of the restaurant of the CN. Just skimming over the top of that stuff. Had my camera with me and was so mesmerised by the sight that I forgot to take a picture!!! I remember how strange it was that I couldn't see any buildings but I could see the tower. Something very space agey about that.