Friday, October 08, 2010

random 133

The movie Secretariat opens today, but no matter how good the movie is, Secretariat the horse was far better. Here's his famous victory in the Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths.

the real milkshake
graphic design blog

mount washington
here's a view of the record climb of mount washington 7.6miles in just over 6minutes. The top part of the road is scary, foggy, very narrow, tight turns, no guardrails and sheer drops.

8 cities that may not make it
web urbanist has a photo easy on 8 cities it suggest may not make it. Check out the link for pictures of: Detroit, Michigan; St. Louis, Missouri; Youngstown, Ohio; Wittenberge, Germany; Ivanovo, Russia; Kashgar, China; and Venice, Italy.

neil young - hitchhiker
The latest sans-color clip from Young’s record, Le Noise, that comes out September 28.

horse race
listen to the call of this race

centipede & bat
Watch as a foot-long centipede catches and eats a bat.

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