Friday, October 22, 2010

regent college & pink cadillac

I was listening to some mp3s of chapels at regent college while I was running today. I was reflecting on the things that were being said - having a great time - & then - up came Bruce Springsteen's Pink Cadillac. It's a reflection on musical temptation. 

I couldn't find a real good YouTube version to match the version I was listening to. The one that came up on my mp3 player (a Creative Zen Stone - in case you are interested) had a nice quick beat... made the last 2k very quick.
You may think I'm foolish
For the foolish things I do...

Well now way back in the Bible
Temptations always come along
There's always somebody tempting
Somebody into doing something they know is wrong
Well they tempt you, man, with silver
And they tempt you, sir, with gold
And they tempt you with the pleasures
That the flesh does surely hold
They say Eve tempted Adam with an apple
But man I ain't going for that
I know it was her pink Cadillac


Anonymous said...

Hey i just wanted to know, what type and year the pink car is? Thaks for the reply


Leisa Dreps said...

Hi there, Anonymous! That gorgeous vehicle is a Cadillac Deville. It is smoother and its design is more restrained than the earlier models. General Motors had been making it for 56 years. But by 2005, the company decided not to produce this model anymore.