Wednesday, June 01, 2011

varsity stadium

This Sunday I am planning on running in the Ontario Master Championship. I will be running the 5000m (5K). I have not run a race on a track since sometime in the late 70's. 5K on the track (12.5 laps) is going to be interesting for someone who is used to running on the road / trails.

The last time I ran a race at Varsity Stadium was in the early 70's. It was an all comers meet. I was entered in the 1 mile. As I was warming up, I discover that Bruce Kidd had entered the race and was going to attempt to break 4 minutes for the mile. 

I ended up leading the pack through the first lap in less than 60sec; 1/2 mile in under 2min; 3/4 mile at just under 3min. At that point, I began to fade, I was way out of my league. About 350m to go, Bruce took off. He finished in under 4min. A couple of other guys passed me & I finished in 4th with a time of 4:10 - which ended up being my best mile time ever.

At that Varsity had a cinder track, now there is this high tech blue track. 

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