Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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really random stuff
who knew this existed:
[a] site is for independent fundamental Baptist King-James-Bible-believing Christians who would like a husband or wife, but haven't found the right person in their local church and hence wish to connect with singles from other likeminded churches.
king james bible singles

10 years of fires

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timelapse toronto 

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birthday box
Happy Birthday Box
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The volvo 1800es is one of the nicest volvos. This one has only 90 miles on it... asking around $90,000
Just for interest sake... I did a quick search... there's a very similar 1973 1800es with 119,000 km on it for $2,500 here in Ontario... tempting

drag week 2011
Now these are real street legal cars: they race on 5 tracks over 5 days, with 1000 miles of road driving during the week: drag week 2011

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