Monday, May 28, 2012

book review: no one turns down the blessing

title: no one turns down the blessing
author: charlie wear
publisher: crossroads
year: 2011

This short book is Charlie Wear's story about himself, a "recovering pharisee", and his adventures from being a burned out, divorced, depressed church dropout; more church life in which he accidentally became a pastor, trying to look good as a preacher; another miserable failure; then how, out of the ashes of his attempt at church, true ministry was birthed.

"No One Turns Down the Blessing" is a series of stories: a house party that turned into visiting a poor neighbourhood, offering sandwiches and a blessing; a punker's church, where kids brought their skateboards along, set up skateboard ramps, listen to a punk-rock band and discover who Jesus is.

It's a story about how God uses a broken man with a broken heart to take the gospel to places the traditional church could never go - because it's chaotic and messy.

If you're tired of normal ordinary "church", of old school, canned evangelistic approaches maybe these stories will remind you of the great story and because you have been blessed, you can bless someone else.

I recieved this kindle book as a gift from Charlie Wear - Thanks

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