Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dr Pepper ad

I am not a big fan of Dr Pepper. But then there are some people I just don't get. By that I mean people's reactions to the following ad, not people who like Dr Pepper! 

A couple of weeks ago Dr. Pepper launched their “March of Progress” ad campaign. And the uproar has not ended. They posted to their Facebook wall an ad using the classic “March of Progress” image tweaked to promote the “evolution of flavor.” 

The ad [here on the right] showed a chimpanzee dragging his knuckles, followed by a semi-erect hominid reaching for a Dr Pepper, followed by a fully upright man walking and gulping a Dr Pepper. The images are captioned “Pre-Pepper,” “Pepper Discovery,” and “Post-Pepper” respectively. 

Creative. Sounds harmless. But 7,000+ comments and 33,000+ likes later, the ad is still provoking reaction by some creationists who say it promotes the theory of evolution. Some are even threatening to boycott Dr Pepper. 

Come on people... it's an ad. Designed to be creative and get a reaction. Boycott? This isn't about anything other than a creative harmless ad. If you are getting bent out of shape... then I think maybe there's something messed up in you.

And while I'm on a rant about Facebook images. I know that as the USA election gets closer, Facebook will be full of political stances on one side or the other. But can I post this one which summarizes how I view many of the images that will be posted.

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