Monday, October 01, 2012

book review: take the lid off your church

title: take the lid off your church: 6 steps to building a healthy senior leadership team
author: tony morgan
date: 2012

Tony Morgan's ebook is, like his other ebooks, a quick, easy read, (easily in less than an hour). But don't let that colour your view in a negative way. There are a lot excellent ideas/questions raised in this ebook, that will offer plenty to reflect on and require time to implement. 

While the setting for the book is obviously that of multiple staff, larger churches, there are principles here that are well worth discussing for a church of any size. The discussion questions at the end will stimulate much dialogue and debate for any church leadership team.

Tony argues that the question: "Who is on your Senior Leadership Team?" is the decision that shapes the church. 
Having raised this vital question, he then outlines:
  • 7 roles that can't be delegated
  • 7 questions to identify who should be on the team
  • 7 strategies to empower leaders
While one could easily argue that many of the things Tony mentions are not brand new, they are stated here in an easy to follow, discussion enhancing way. If you want to sharpen your leadership skills, this ebook is well worth reading. It's available on Amazon.

Disclosure of Material Connection: 
I received this ebook free from Tony Morgan. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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