Thursday, November 22, 2012

black Friday

Allan Bevere writes about Black Friday:
Black Friday and the entire Christmas shopping season is one more instance that reminds us of the deep problem in American culture in which we are unable to separate our wants from our needs. The reason for such inability results from the loss of life centered on the divine. When that center is lost we rush to meet our needs with every imaginable want, and we seek to make others happy by giving them what they want. ~Allan R. Bevere
And so tomorrow many in the USA and unfortunately, now, many in Canada will go nuts buying stuff and more stuff, hoping to make themselves and someone else happy. 

And the meaning of Christmas gets lost in the chaos of rushing around, shopping, spending, going into increasing debt, making exhausting meal / decoration / family preparations, and on and on and on.

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Kevin Leggett said...

My family and I came to term with this about 2 years ago. We decided not to focus on Christ during Christmas, but rather celebrate Him (birth, life, death, & resurrection) through out the year. We have a family jar on the kitchen table where we pull out a slip of paper with a Biblical question to discuss over a meal.

Christmas has been replaced in our home with just being together and buying gifts out of love, not obligation.