Tuesday, February 19, 2013

book review: live second

author: Doug Bender
date: 2012
publisher: Thomas Nelson

As the title suggests this is a daily reader. And no I haven't read the whole book yet. 

The book feels like a daily devotional, but it's designed to be used in alignment with the Bible. Each day's entry contains a key verse, but the reader is encouraged to also read the larger context. Live Second covers a great deal of the Bible, but it is not a chronological or comprehensive Bible study. There are also web links, QR codes and suggested twitter hashtags to access I am Second films for further exploration of the day's theme.

The book helps the reader, clearly and Biblically, understand who should be - and needs to be - first. And with that understanding comes action: live it, tell it. Each day we are challenged to do something with what you have read and reflected on.

Live Second is a simple, even casual kind of book. The page layout is easy on the eyes and inviting. As you open it up, it gives you the impression: "I can do this!" While the book is broken down into readings / reflections of 52 weeks (7 days a week), it is not dated, so if you miss a day or tow or more, you can pick up where you left off.

I received this book free from the publisher through book review program. The opinions are my own.

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