Tuesday, March 19, 2013

book review: the connecting church 2.0

title: the connecting church 2.0
author: randy frazee
publisher: zondervan
date: 2013

Several years ago I read Randy Frazee's 2001 book "The Connecting Church." To be honest, it was OK, but nothing special. Randy has now rewritten the book and published it under the title "The Connecting Church 2.0" The subtitle remains the same: "beyond small groups to authentic community."

This time around it is a much better book. While several chapters remain much the same, he adds several new chapters that add to his thoughts on building authentic community, without some of the tendency in the first book to lock in a particular model.

In addition, Randy has added a new section that outlines his mistakes and some ways to address them. As well he outlines a couple of models for building authentic community, not simply within the church, but in the neighbourhood.

The Connecting Church 2.0 is not a final answer, but it is a helpful tool for any church seeking to see authentic community flourish in their location.

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