Thursday, July 04, 2013

book review: Jesus on Justice

title: Jesus on Justice: Living Lives of Compassion and Conviction
author: Don Posterski
publisher: World Vision Canada
date: 2013

Don Posterski has been an important resource for the Canadian church for many years now, keeping us aware of trends and issues facing our culture from a biblical perspective.

This recent book on justice is an excellent example of his clear writing that calls us, both as individuals and as the church to action.

Each of the four sections - Including the Excluded; Challenging Cultural Practices; Confronting the Powerful; and, Advocating for the the Oppressed - identify three groups, as well as a chapter on digging deeper into a current related issue. Don tackles a group by exploring (a) the historical predicament; (b) encountering God in the biblical story; (c) current challenges; and, (d) prayers of response.

Jesus on Justice is not a big book - it's only 191 pages long - but there is a lot packed into it. It would make a great study book for a small group who are interested in exploring justice issues. Even then, it would have to be carefully led, because it would be easy to become overwhelmed with the depth and multitude of issues we face in our world. However, that should never be an excuse for ignoring or pushing aside our response to these vital issues. 

Some Christian will, sadly, reject Posterski for advocating collaborating with other faith groups, and for his refusal to try and recover cultural control by Christians. Posterski is right when he states: 
"If justice for all is torpedoed when people are relationally alienated from each other, then surely, we can all begin by extending the same freedoms to others that we would like to receive ourselves."
One minor quibble: while the pages are printed on a nice heavy stock, with good use of colour, this does it make it difficult to underline and write notes in the margin.

I would highly recommend Jesus on Justice.

I received this book from World Vision Canada in exchange for a review. A positive review was not required and the views expressed in my review are my own.

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