Tuesday, August 13, 2013

duathlon [update]

I am getting ready for the Orillia Duathlon this weekend (August 18). I have run lots of 5 / 8 / 10k races - but I have never raced on a bike & never entered a duathlon before. 

As the time gets closer I get more nervous / anxious. I start to feel (or imagine) extra aches and pains. I begin hearing noises coming from my bike. At the same time I am reasonably confident that my training is on course [7 rides (avg 30K at 25kph) and 7 runs (age 7K at 5:25/km pace) in the last 10 days].

My goal is to
(a) finish
(b) finish in less than 2.5 hours
(c) ideally finish in less than 2.25 hours

So even though I am nervous, I am looking forward to it

I did it. I completed my first duathlon. And was very pleased. I finished in 2hr & 2minutes - which was far quicker than I imagined. 
I will certainly consider doing another duathalon, but next time I need to borrow a good triathlon / road bike... that would drop me well below 2hrs... is 1hr 50minutes a possibility?

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