Thursday, July 17, 2014

when we idolize we demonize

Someone made the point that when we idolize things we often, inadvertently, demonize the opposite. As I think about this, I think that's right. And the flipside is just as bad. Here’s a few examples to think about:

  • If you idolize youth, you may demonize old age
  • If you idolize liberty/autonomy, you may demonize rules/restrictions
  • If you idolize relationship, you may demonize singleness
  • If you idolize children, you may demonize childlessness
  • If you idolize money, you may demonize poverty
  • If you idolize material possessions, you may demonize simplicity
  • If you idolize fame, you may demonize obscurity
  • If you idolize success, you may demonize humility

These statements can also work in reverse. It’s also important to note the use of the word ‘may’ – it doesn't necessarily follow you’ll demonize the opposite of that which you serve but it’s worth being aware of. What is interesting is that the polarization reveals the futility of idolizing any of these things. None of them are supposed to be worshiped. When we stop idolizing them we can see that there are blessings and trials bound up with all of the above. So beware of false demons, as well as false gods.

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