Tuesday, November 15, 2016

our true home ~Walter Brueggemann

God before and God behind,
God for us and God for your own self,
Maker of heaven and earth,
creator of sea and sky,
governor of day and night.
We give thanks for your ordered gift of life to us,
 for the rhythms that reassure,
  for the equilibriums that sustain,
   for the reliabilities that curb our anxieties.
We treasure from you,
  days to work and nights to rest.
We cherish from you,
  days to control and nights to yield.
We savor from you,
  days to plan and nights to dream.
Be our day and our night,
 our heaven and our earth,
  our sea and our sky,
   and in the end our true home.


Unknown said...

Love this poem by Brueggemann! Picked up his book of prayers/poems this past December. They are gold! Have you read any of the sonnets of Malcolm Guite?

Michael Bells said...

yes, I have read & listened to some of Malcolm Guite's work, he has some interesting work with Steve Bell