Wednesday, June 28, 2017

book review: Inside the Mental

author: Kay Parley
title: Inside the Mental: Silence, Stigma, Psychiatry, and LSD
publisher: University of Regina Press
year: 2016

Kay Parley writes as both a patient at Weyburn Mental Hospital, in Weyburn Saskatchewan, and as a psychiatric nurse at that same hospital. This small (both in size and length) book reflects on her family upbringing, her own breakdowns and her journey to become a nurse working with patients at the same hospital.

As a child growing up, both her grandfather and her father were long term patients at Weyburn Mental Hospital. In fact, she never met her grandfather until she became a patient herself. And she had no contact with her father, after he was admitted, until sometime after she was admitted.

Kay writes both about what was good at the hospital and what was not so good.

Inside the Mental, doesn't take long to read, but is a good look back at the emerging fields of group therapy, the developing ethics of psychiatry, the beginning of patient rights, and her role in the groundbreaking experiments with LSD.

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