Wednesday, July 11, 2018

book review: The 49th Mystic

title: The 49th Mystic
author: Ted Dekker
publisher: Revell
year: 2018

I have not read much of Ted Dekker before. This novel is an immersive journey that mixes suspense, fantasy and spiritual truths into a compelling whole. While this is part of a "circle series" I think this works as a stand-alone... although I am awaiting part 2 in the fall of 2018.

Dekker alternates between scenes from the present and those from a radically different future. The character development and storyline are complex and intriguing. 
In addition, there are extra resources available online The 49th Mystic 

If you are looking for a compelling read this is well worth it.

A free copy of this book was provided by Resourcing Leaders

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