Thursday, January 10, 2019

book review: Cory and the Seventh Story

title: Cory and the Seventh Story
companion title: The Seventh Story: Us, Them, And The End Of Violence
author: Brian D. McLaren and Gareth Higgins
date: 2018

The children’s storybook “Cory And The Seventh Story” is written with the goal of inspiring a new generation. The book is the engaging tale of a racoon, Cory, who struggles with the “six stories” that are lived out and defended in the troubled Old Village. One day Cory leaves the other animals and walks alone by a stream to think. He realises, “We are in trouble. Our stories are failing us.”

A surprise visitor stops by and begins to reveal a new story. A story that begins with listening instead of telling.

But this is not a simple “happily ever after” story. The six stories have a strong hold on the village. Cory and the others realize that these old stories are all about dividing the village into “us” vs “them”. The end of the story is not the end of the story, but an invitation to listen to the stories that each one tells.
I think this delightful little book (the artwork by Heather Lynn Harris is warm and inviting) can be a great discussion starter for young school-age children as they are all too well aware of the negativity of the six stories. 

Maybe, this next generation will learn that “There’s a new Seventh Story to live by, my friends. A new Seventh Story without ‘us against them’”

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appendix: Thoughts on the companion book.
The children’s storybook “Cory And The Seventh Story” is further unpacked. A grown-up version of the story starts the companion book, “The Seventh Story: Us, Them, And The End Of Violence.” It is followed by essays from the authors that help us understand the six failed stories and the hope of a seventh. This expanded book develops foundational ideas, case studies, and examples of how people can step into a new story.

The six old stories are domination, revolution, isolation, purification, victimization, and accumulation stories; the seventh is the story of liberation and reconciliation.

Both of these books are only available at 

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