Thursday, January 10, 2019

movie review: the road to edmond

I don't often post a film review. But I was sent a link to review the film "The Road to Edmond."

The story revolves around Cleo (Nathanael Welch) who loves his life as a youth pastor, but when he supports a teenage girl who is wrestling with sexual identity, his job is in jeopardy. The church's Elder Board asks him to take a couple of weeks off to consider his actions.

Cleo grabs his backpack and trusty bike to hit the road and figure out what to do. He gets a ride with a guy named Larry (Tripp Fuller) and his dead father. Larry's intense way and a number of events cause Cleo to question more than his relationship with the teen... he questions the very existence of love.

Buddy road trip movies are nothing new, but "The Road To Edmond" is more than another a generic road trip. This is a film that asks questions about faith and love and grace. It’s a film that’s also full of laughter. Larry, a Jack Black-like character, is a great foil to the straight-laced Cleo. Acting more than a little oddly, Larry begins to unpick and unravel Cleo's ideology, decisions and logic – not in an attempt to shame or ridicule him, but to help him explore what he holds to be true.

The truth of this film is that we all need a little Larry in our lives. Someone who challenges us, hold us to account and open us up to new ways of thinking.

Too many “faith-based” films manipulate and preach. This film never does that. "The Road to Edmond" simply asks why we hold what believe so tightly and shows the value of having your grip loosened to reveal something broader and deeper than we may have considered before.


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