Books Read in 2019

Bennett, Andrea, "Montreal", 2018
Bunn, David, "Outbreak", 2019
Burnhope, Stephen, "Atonement and the New Perspective", 2018
Cameron, Marc, "Tom Clancy: Oath of Office", 2018
Carreyrou, John, "Bad Blood", 2018
Connelly, Michael, "The Gods of Guilt", 2013
Connelly, Michael, "Dark Sacred Night", 2018
Dekker, Ted, "Rise of the Mystics", 2018
Doctorow, Cory, "Radicalized" 2019
Dupuis, Mathieu, "Quebec", 2018
Harper, Jane, "The Dry", 2016
Hiaasen, Carl, "Assume the Worst", 2018
Hosseini, Khaled, "Sea Prayer", 2018
Hunt, Will, "Underground: A Human History of the World's Beneath Our Feet", 2018
King, Thomas, "A Matter of Malice", 2019
Kuykendall, Alexandra, "Loving My Actual Neighbour", 2019
Lamott, Anne, "Almost Everything", 2018
LeCarre, John, "The Mission Song", 2006
Levitsky, Steven & Daniel Ziblatt, "How Democracies Die", 2018
Martini, Steve, "The Enemy Inside", 2015
Mouw, Richard J, "Restless Faith", 2019
Osborne, Lawrence, "The Forgiven", 2012
Palin, Michael, "Erebus: the story of a ship", 2018
Penny, Louise, "Kingdom of the Blind", 2018
Renault, Philippe, "Secret Montreal", 2017
Rosling, Hans with Ola Rosling & Anna Rosling Ronnlund, "Factfulness", 2018
Rotenberg, Robert, "Stray Bullets", 2012
Smith, Darrell, "Faith Lies: 7 Incomplete Ideas That Hijack Faith and How to See Beyond Them", 2019
Turkle, Sherry, "Alone Together", 2011
Tyler, Anne, "Vinegar Girl", 2016
Wilkinson, Richard G.; Kate E Pickett, "The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone", 2010
Yazdanian, Showey, "Loopholes", 2015

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