Books Read in 2018

Berry, Steve, "The King's Deception", 2013
Brown, Dan, "Origin", 2017
Dawkins, Richard, "Science in the Soul", 2017
DeWitt, Dan, "Life in the Wild: Fighting for Faith in a Fallen World", 2018
Gore, Al, "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power", 2017
Johnston, Wayne, "First Snow, Last Light", 2017
MacGregor, Roy, "Original Highways: Travelling the Great Rivers of Canada", 2017
Penny, Louise, "Bury Your Dead", 2010
Penny, Louise, "The Nature of the Beast", 2015
Penny, Louise, "A Great Reckoning", 2016
Tegmark, Max, "Life 3.0", 2017

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