Friday, June 02, 2006

$899 toilet seat

Brondell introduces the Swash: a high-tech toilet seat that provides unparalleled comfort and hygiene. It comes with such wondererful features as:
# Posterior and feminine warm-water wash
# Dual self-cleaning wash wands
# Comfortable temperature-controlled heated seat
# Sleek efficient design that fits 95% of residential toilets
# Gentle-closing seat and lid
# Germ-resistant seat
# Remote control (wall mounted or hand operated)
# Temperature-controlled warm-air dryer
and all for the amazingly low MSPR of $899

And to think I was just reading some articles about
# AIDS in Africa
# earthquakes in Indonesia
# poverty & homelessness in Canada

[sarcasim alert]
My priorities must be messed up
Only in the rich parts of the world!


michael lewis said...

Did you at least watch the video?

I've started an account to save up for my very own Swash, by Brondell.

I wonder if Home Depot sells these yet?

pastor mike said...

I checked Home Depot - not in KW yet. I was looking for something else, so i checked