Friday, September 29, 2006

too much starbucks coffee?

boing boing links to an interview with a starbucks obsessive maniac".
His mission? To drink a cup of joe at every Starbucks on the planet.
There is liking coffee and there is being a little crazy.
A 34-year-old programmer named Winter (he legally changed his name from Rafael Antonio Lozano this year) has made it his life's mission to drink a cup of coffee at every Starbucks on the planet. There are over 12,000 Starbucks -- new ones open daily -- and he has visited over 6,000 so far. He's worn a Starbucks shirt every day since October 2001.
Radar has an interview with him.
The primary rule is I have to drink at least one four-ounce sample of caffeinated coffee from each store...

The day you hit 29 stores, what were the side effects?
Well, pretty early on I started developing a headache, I started feeling jittery. Later, because of all the liquid I drank, I started feeling bloated. Just looking at the little cup of coffee made me nauseated.

How many total ounces did you drink that day?
One hundred and four ounces and three shots of espresso. It hurt. And I lost an hour when my jeans ripped in the crotch while I was leaping up to a stone ledge to take a photo—so I had to stop at a mall to buy a pair of jeans. Toward the end of the day there were times when I felt like I was going to hurl, and I really didn't want to because I don't have a rule in place for what happens if I vomit. Would I have to go back to the store and drink the coffee? I probably would. So I definitely wanted to avoid vomiting.<>
Here's his official site where he lists the stores he's been to.

He's also making starbucking the movie. There are a couple of trailers on the site.

Finally the official Starbucks site.


Todd said...

i used to work for starbucks and met this guy when i helped a new store open. it was great, he had driven 3 hours to be the first paying customer and four old women snuck in before him. he was all took him a few minutes to clear his head i think. it was kinda funny.

michael lewis said...

As long as he's drinking black coffee, he won't get fat, and he will remain in God's grace.