Tuesday, March 13, 2007

emerging church critique

bob hyatt and watersedge both point to this incredibly ??? [there are no adequate words that come to mind] critique of the emerging church movement!

Someone please tell me this was released a couple of weeks early and it is really an April Fools clip. You may not agree with everything that goes under the banner of "emerging church"... but this guy is ??? [again, I'm not sure what to call him]


Anonymous said...

I wanna go to the same Seminary He went to...his scriptural interpretation is impeccable!!!!

I guess they will put anything on You Tube.

All I can tell you is that 'emerging church' are those who cannot stomach it and have left..running...screaming!!!!

RoG (of course doing it selfishly my way)

In Christ Alone said...

Yes, well, I saw this clip a couple of weeks ago when a friend and I were discussing what exactly - emerging, emergent, relevant...etc all really meant. The whole concept can be kind of confusing to someone like me, having come from a sorted background (?) of variant theologies and having come into the "Light of Grace" if you will. This guy is one of the reasons that journeying into understanding is made difficult. He talks and for some reason nary a speck of Grace can be heard or seen.

Sad, really.

pastor mike said...

"grace" - not in his vocabulary at all... grace-giving is a word that we need to add to the contours of spirituality list.

Kevin Flatt said...

As someone who is is at times a (hopefully better informed and more charitable!) critic of the emerging church movement, I find this guy's tirade embarrassing. And also clueless and wrong.

I think both critics and proponents of all things emergent tend to readily assume it is a movement of a younger generation. But if one looks at authors, pastors, etc. who are major influences in or on the movement, many are middle-aged or older (e.g. McLaren, Sweet, Foster, Willard, the late Stanley Grenz). Hardly the face of "youthful rebellion".