Tuesday, March 13, 2007

contours of spirituality

Jonny Baker lists some words that were used for a discussion mapping the contours of contemporary spirituality.
  • holistic
  • creative/playful
  • creation centred/earthy
  • incarnational
  • personal
  • communal
  • engaged
  • experiential
  • mystical
  • embodied
  • authentic
  • improvised (out of spiritual traditions)
  • journey
  • informal
  • artistic
  • hospitality
  • intentional
  • irreverent
I think I would add words like:
  • transformational
  • trinitarian
  • biblical
  • missional
  • living
  • prophetic
  • apostolic
  • disciplemaking
  • communitas
  • chaordic
Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Words like yours will get you into trouble young man!!!

How about:

I know I cannot colour within the lines! Oh well..RoG

pastor mike said...

there are lines that define the broad outline of God's heart and intention... & then there are lines that are attempts to fill in all the details. the former are good lines, the later can be unduly restrictive. maybe the image of colouring within the lines is totally the wrong image!

Anonymous said...

I smell a 'sweet' book on the subject bros!

(Books are nothing more than elongated sermons...what I call sermons gone bad!!!! If I can suggest a title: 'I let the pot roast burn while I was colouring')

Roaring RoG