Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ontario election

The worst thing about last night's elections is not
  • the Liberals re-election, or,
  • the referendum on MMP [Mixed Member Proportional] vs FPTP [First Past The Post] (which was poorly explained with so many misconceptions about what it meant... plus the fact that neither the Liberals or PCs wanted it...) being soundly rejected.
but the fact that so few voted
  • In the 2003 election - 56.9 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots - the lowest turnout in 74 years and the third-lowest ever in Ontario.
  • This year - only 52.6 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot, or 4.4 million of 8.4 million possible voters, according to numbers released by Elections Ontario at 6:30 a.m. ET Thursday, when 99.8 per cent of polls had been counted. CBC
One stat I saw last night indicated that more people (2% more) voted in the referendum than in the actual election.

As a friend of mine, who has moved out west, is fond of saying... no wonder Ontario sucks. Sadly, he's right... when so few vote... I said here... Vote...
If for no other reason than... if you don't vote... you have no right to complain for the next 4 years!
I guess there are going to be a lot of silent people for the next 4 years... if you don't like what happens in Ontario... you are to blame.

Thus endeth the 2007 Ontario Provincial Election rant. For complete results of the election you go here.


Scott said...

What's even more upsetting is some people voted for the green party and MMP.

Thanks to that we now get four more years of Dolton McGuilty!!!

michael lewis said...

Municipal elections in Alberta are next week. Listening to Radio One recently, I was informed that Calgary's voter turnout in the last municipal election was just above 10% (I didn't verify this number).

The comment was made [not verbatim]:

"Why do so few people vote in municipal elections? This is the government which every person feels and interacts with directly every day. Water, roads, schools, services."

The City of Lethbridge announced the acclamation of the Mayor, because no one bothered to challenge him. I may even consider running for council for the next election.