Monday, April 25, 2011

run the the diamond

My body doesn't seem to like morning races. I have run 5 races since Thanksgiving: 2 were morning races, 1 in the afternoon & 2 evening  races. In both morning races I have had a side stitch or cramp.

On Saturday (23 April) I ran the Uxbridge - Run for the Diamond. I should have been able to run sub 23min, even in the cold, damp conditions. But I was more than 3min off that pace, finishing a disappointing (for me) 33rd. Here's a photo showing the strain on my face. I went through the first 2k on pace (4.5min/km), but then just before 3k started to cramp.

Incidently, it was a well organizied race... around 1000 people in total for the various events - great job!

I went for an easy run today (Monday) - just under 8.5k & it was a faster pace than the weekend 5k.

I think I need to start running in the morning, to get my body used to morning races (since that's when the majority of races are.

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Scott said...

Congrat's on your run! Although you may not have achieved your goal it's still an impressive feet when compared to the general population. Maybe when I turn the half century I'll find some time to start getting back into shape.

As for the cramping, I had the exact same problem when I used to race. I never totally figured it out, but I think part of it was that during races I was so concerned about fluids that I over drank. The other part was when I was drinking I think I was gulping equal parts water and air, as I was breathing heavy from the exertion. Then I think this air in my gut caused problems as well.

Well highly unscientific and maybe not at all related to why your having similiar problems, but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case it's of value...

As for the photo, let the beard get any longer and we;ll have to call you Farley Mowat.