Thursday, October 27, 2005

weeping christians... have you met any?

Sherman Yl Kuek from Malaysia posts this:
The first category of weeping Christians may also be called "sulking Christians". They weep because the Church has hurt them so deeply. The Church has manipulated them. The Church has abused them. The Church has lied to them. The Church has cheated them. And they cannot get over it. And no matter how many local congregations they move to, there never seems to be one congregation that is able to help them to recover their place in the community anymore. Because they have been hurt too deeply, and they fear being hurt all over again. No, they cannot get over it...and it is unreasonable of anyone to expect them to get over it. Their favourite phrase is "But you don't understand..."

The second category of weeping Christians are those who weep over the imperfect state of the Church. They see a wounded people struggling helplessly to find healing. They cry over an injured Body that has somehow never been able to recover its strength to rise above the drowning currents of the world. They mourn over a people that has lost their sense of calling. Despite their tormenting pain for the Church, they foolishly refuse to define themselves apart from the Church. Some cry in repentance because they see themselves as contributive factors to the problem. They persist in weeping day and night, agonising over the pain of the Church, crying out, "Lord, heal my people". They are too busy weeping for the Church there is no time to weep for themselves.

Weeping Christians...both so similar, yet so different. Have you met any?

I've certainly met lots in the first category... not too many in the second. We are so self-absorbed in Canada. So focused on me and my needs and my hurts and my pain. That is not to minimize real pain that really does happen to people. But we seldom weep like Jesus did over the city...

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