Saturday, December 10, 2005

Scum of the Earth

Not many have the guts to call church this
Scum of the Earth
There is the main site, above, as well as a daughter church - the refuse. The Church for the ‘left out’ and ‘right brained’.

One of the leaders describes their name this way:
It doesn't sound like a church name ... on purpose. We really want to connect with people who have no interest in "church" by society's definition. There are plenty of churches for "normal people" and we think we have a unique calling to reach out to our otherwise unreached friends. Our name is integral to that process. Whether outcast by society (e.g., punks, skaters, ravers, homeless people...) or by the church itself, many who come can identify with the name "Scum of the Earth" since they have been previously treated as such.

More important to us, however, the name implies that being people of faith does not mean we are better than anyone else. We know many non-Christians who think Christians are out to cast judgment on them. Our name makes it clear that we aren't about that. We are just aware of our need for God, as Scum of the Earth. Fortunately, God never sees us like that! But the name is humble and we like that. --Chris Baker

And yet, isn't this who Jesus came for. I'm amazed that among the first to show up at the birth of Jesus were shepherds - & they didn't have a shower first!
There's a tension here - Jesus came for the "scum of the earth". That's who we are. But, at the same time we are righteousness of God.
Paradoxes in the Kingdom of God

Scum of the Earth Church (1 Corinthians 4:11-13)
We strive to be a church who:
seeks intimacy with God and honest relationships with others
cultivates creativity and uses everyone's gifts
asks questions while seeking Truth
recognizes our need for a Savior
passionately yet respectfully shares the saving love of Christ
demonstrates God's love in our community

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