Sunday, January 22, 2006

Missions speaker from Spain

We had a guest speaker this AM.
Nick Cardeses who is serving in Moncada (Valencia) Spain.
He shared some good things about prayer and spiritual warfare.
Here's a couple of lines that stuck out in his message
Not everyone who calls themself evangelical is Christian.
Many people in Spain are 'sacred humanists'.
This second comment is an interesting comment. It's not just 'secular humanists' who deny the authority and power of God, it's 'sacred humanists', people who, at one level, claim to be religious or spiritual or evangelical or christian, but really rely on themselves.


Brahm said...

I agree, that is an really fascinating observation. I believe that there might be more "sacred humanists" even on our side of the ocean than we might expect. Millions of people consider themselves to be "spiritual"; however, one gets a different definition of spiritual from each person. If my opinion is accurate, people are looking for spiritual and emotional fullfilment with their spiritualities that they feel, perhaps rightly so, are not provided in the church.

The Righteousness of God said...

This isn't news: ask yourself how many 'religious/pious' acts have been done FOR God rather than being directed OF God.

Many big church buildings have been made built - not necessarily with God's approval.

Many church programs have been created FOR God and not directed OF God. People have gone to Seminary FOR God and not at God's prompting. Some pastors have preached from the pulpit in their own abilities FOR God and not presenting the message FROM God.

There is such a thing as Righteous Flesh - read Watchman Nee's 'The Spiritual Man.' or the 'Normal Christian'. Acts done via the Righteous Flesh are just as bad in God's eyes
outright carnal Flesh.

At the end of the day rebellion is rebellion. Call it what you like ;)

pastor mike said...

spirituality is an interesting word - one that is increasingly redefined as I'll do whatever I want and call it "spiritual." It's really good old paganism wrapped up in "spiritual" language