Friday, February 24, 2006

10 reasons why your church sucks

michael lewis and righteousness of God both make the observation, in the comments to the post below, "that church sucks".

Let's be real. At times it does. At times the church is dysfunctional. Some local churches more so than others. Some local churches are more focused on self-protectionism, whether it's pleasing "the old fogies" or satisfing "the young families".

There's lots of reasons for this sad state of affairs in God's church. A lot of it has to do with the

This "technical term" to describe dsyfunctional churches reminded me of an article by john o'keefe from ginkworld "10 reasons why your church sucks"

Here's an excerpt [these are the words of a person who has "dropped out" of "church", being spoken to a leader in that church] as to why a particular local church "sucks"...
“First” he said, “Your church is totally irrelevant to the community. You all talk a good game, but you do not see the dynamic of the community changing around you.
Second, your church is filled with poor leaders and over bearing bullies who believe the best way to get anything done is to frighten people. All you have are people who will tell you what to do, and not lead us in doing it.
Third, your church has no vision. You guys are just dead in the water.
Fourth, your church is old. Your church is filled with old people who have no reason to move ahead. They have more life behind them then they do ahead of them.
Fifth, your church is inbred. The people my age in your church are all related to the older people so change is impossible. People who are part of the outside don’t feel welcomed into the inside and voice an opinion; it’s filled with mama’s boys.
Sixth, your church is more concerned about image them reality. You all seem to be more concerned with the condition with building then with building the condition of your people. The carpet looks great, because no food is allowed near it. The stain glass is wonderful; because you spend more money on cleaning and maintaining it then you do on mission work.
Seventh, your church sees no need for change. You are all happy in your fortress and are not interested in opening your doors to the outside. Evangelism is a dead concept, and community is only those inside the building.
Eighth, your church doesn’t share a relevant message for a relevant time. You’re so concerned with doctrine, you are not allowing me to explore the faith and question the unquestionable.
Ninth, your church doesn’t care about me as a person, only as a checkbook. Over the time I was with the church I heard more sermons on how much I should be giving and not one on how much you were willing to give up. The only time I had anyone from your church visit me was when “pledge time” came around and you needed me to increase my giving. It got to the point were I felt no matter what I gave it would never be enough.
Tenth, your church is all politics and infighting. Things only get done if you can muster enough political support form others to get your point to be heard, press your issues and lobby for approval. You have to wheel and deal to get anything done.

Summary: Top 10 reasons why churches "suck"
1. It does not understand the community at large
2. It has poor leadership
3. It has no solid vision
4. It is graying, quickly
5. It’s inbred
6. It’s concerned with look and not action
7. It’s comfortable in its misery, and is looking for company
8. It’s out of touch with the 21st century
9. It’s all about money
10.It’s all politics

Check out the link that has the full article, as well as links to articles on each of his reasons.

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The Righteousness of God said...

#11 - HELLO - She chooses to be disobedient to His direction! Christ is the leader of his church not the other way around!