Monday, March 13, 2006

spiritual formation practice

Do you begin your day with conscious attention to God? If so, what do you do? What spiritual tradition(s)| practice(s) | discipline(s) or resource(s) do you draw on? What do you personally and communally practice to be formed spiritually?

I think these are some important questions for faith and the church... so what to do think... no, what do you practice?

The challenge we face is a loss of ritual, a loss of connection with inherited tradition, [both of these can be dry and dull and dead... yet at the same time... so can the dry, dull, dead, boring, at times meaninglessness of "evangelical" non-ritual]. At the same time we face an endless array of choices. Many of us find this paralyzing and harmful. We feel uprooted and unable to re-root in a soil that can nurture and connect us to God and to one another.

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