Thursday, April 20, 2006

christian!? games

It bugs me when we have uncreative Christians who simply copy what is happening in the world - music, now video games. Here are a couple of ____ examples (I'll let you supply your favourite adjective).

How about Dance Praise?

Move it up a notch to Song Leader Revolution - you can watch the video here.

Then move on to the Left Behind video game. Here’s the basic premise:
* The rapture has happened, so all the Christians are gone
* A bunch of people realize the error of their ways, and immediately become Christians after the rapture
* For some reason, it becomes necessary to blast the unrepentant to bits and hasten the destruction of the world
* Guns. Lots of guns.

They have a video as well.

And we wonder why, Christian are not taken seriously.

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pat myers said...

I'd rather play games made by the world, than something that is copied and watered down by a Christian trying to make a buck.