Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Christ is for the World

I was given a copy of Seize the Day with Dietrich Bonhoeffer (it's a late birthday gift). It's a daily meditation book, based on Bonhoeffer's writings. Charles Ringma, is professor of missions and evangelism at Regent College, in Vancouver, BC.

Today's reading: Christ for the World is very appropriate for the discussion on being the missional church.
"Everything would be ruined if one were to try to reserve Christ for the church... Christ died for the world." - Ethics
If Christ is for the world and not simply the church, then we can expect to find Him already active and present in the world. The church so often ties itself in knots trying to find appropriate ways to bring Christ to the world, when in fact it should work where Christ is already present. His presence may be in new social movements, personal grief, economic difficulty, or new movements of hope or peace. Christ's presence in these events is to proclaim Christ openly so that women and men may believe ni Him as the Son of God, the Saviour, and the Lord of all history.
We may wish to bring Christ to someone, but usually He is already there, for Christ is the One who goes before us.

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