Saturday, September 02, 2006


We put on several hundred km's yesterday.
We left Waterloo @ 7:30am with the van full of Nathan's stuff.
We made it to Peterborough by 10:30am, dropped into Fleming College, he made a couple of appointments, bought his bus pass and some books.
We then headed to the apartment and unloaded his stuff.
Grabbed some lunch at Montana's, bought a few odds and ends that he needed and some food.
After dropping Nathan off back at the apartment, and praying a prayer of blessing over the apartment and his and Jay's school year...
We started for New Serum for our friend Karen's surprize 50th birthday party. Traffic was slow, very slow, going through Toronto.
We had it about 1 1/2 hours late
After a great evening, seeing a lot of people, & having some great conservations
We headed back to Waterloo, making it home around 12:30am
Almost 800km... 17 hours... lots of people... a full day.


michael lewis said...

Wow! Karen is 50???

That must mean that I'm getting older.

pastor mike said...

that's the way it works
everybody gets older... no exceptions!