Monday, October 02, 2006

Larry Norman

Two songs merged together from a Larry Norman concert in the Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland in the mid-eighties or thereabouts.


Walking Church said...

I miss the skips in the vinyl

pastor mike said...

skips in the vinyl... on a larry album... say it isn't so...
you must not be following proper protocol:
larry vinyl is to be listened to only on a properly calibarted turntable, using only the highest quailty diamond needle (with under 100 hours of use), after having carefully cleaned the album.
how else can you get the full effect of his hacking and coughing!?

Walking Church said...

I wore mine right through to the other side....along with those like Randy Matthews and Andre Crouch.

Actually, a good stylist was a small fortune when one is a teen!

I kind of like stutter, skip on 666 reminds me of BTO's 'Babb-bb-bbby you aint seen nothing yet'