Saturday, October 14, 2006

more on using film

Steve Taylor / emergent kiwi has a pdf entitled: Film as a point of gospel engagement
Here are some excerpts from the article.
1. Environments
When we consider that movies evoke emotions, then it is worth considering how film can engage with these experiences, specifically within a worship environment.
Film can be used to create environments and thus allow people’s film experience to connect with the gospel....

3. Communication
Film clips can be used in a variety of ways in communication, to allow engagement between culture and gospel.
a) Illustration: This is the most common use. Wow, we’re a trendy church because we use film to illustrate a point....
b) Dialogue: movies are great for raising issues....

5. Missional discussion
Another way of using film is in terms of creating forums for discussion...
b) Film church.... involves showing a movie and facilitating a discussion. I announce
before hand. The questions serve to give people some “jumping off” points.
When film is used as an "add-on" a way to be "cool", "hip", "sweet", "wicked", "post-modern", "modern", "trendy"... pick your own generational tag.... it's role is limited. I think film is a tool that can be used
  1. to help Christians better understand culture (see my previous post quoting Harvey Conn)
  2. facilitate discussion. It doesn't have to be tied into some of the huge promotional campaigns that accompanied The Passion & Narnia.

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