Monday, October 16, 2006

second life

SecondLife is a 3D digitial online environment.

But it now includes big-name companies like Wells Fargo Bank, Toyota, Sony, Adidas, Starwood Hotels, Coca-Cola and Sun Microsystems who have been putting down roots in SecondLife as a way to reach hundreds of thousands of tech-savvy early adopters.

Now Reuters has opened a new bureau in SecondLife: Reuters news site.

Virtual economies are also attracting legal and financial attention, including the IRS.
Users of online worlds such as Second Life and World of Warcraft transact millions of dollars worth of virtual goods and services every day, and these virtual economies are beginning to draw the attention of real-world

I read somewhere recently that there are people considering setting up accounting businesses on SecondLife.

And there are Second Life churches:
Roman Catholic Church: Number of members: 13
Church of Bacon: Number of members: 21
Christian Church: Number of members: 26
Ruach: Number of members: 25
The Church of Virus: Number of members: 14
Universal Church of Slingo: Number of members: 8
Universal Second_Life Church: Number of members: 9
The Church of Hoff Number of members: 3

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