Monday, November 13, 2006

this is not / is a church

I came across this link to Steve Collin's site on church and community called Small Ritual. I've blogged on some of his stuff before: egg or omlette church.
I find this a very interesting diagram.
When you follow the above link... scroll to the right to see the whole diagram.

And read the comments/questions in the 4 shaded boxes
  • #1 places
  • #2 objects
  • #3 communication
  • #4 community
I know for some the idea of these types of networks... of the looseness of the connections are a little [in some cases a lot] frightening. There is so little "control" and "structure" here. And these are things that we in the modern west have grown up with, and have been taught are highly important.
  • I wonder [and that's all this is... wondering... it's not a fully thought out approach] if our structures inhibit the move / work of the Spirit in our midst.
  • I wonder if our tightly designed services and striving for excellence puts barriers in place.
  • I wonder if our traditions [sometimes our non-traditional traditions] too tightly define ministry and worship.
  • I wonder if we have been trapped into the entertainment model and so we look for someone else to minister to us, rather than understand [and live out of the reality] that every believer is a minister
  • I wonder if we allow God space to move. Is there enough chaos built into our gatherings? God creates in the midst of chaos. Or are we so structured [especially us co-called non-liturgical evangelical] that there is no room for God to break, except maybe between the 3rd song and a prayer?
Dee Hock, the founder and CEO emeritus of VISA, has an approach he calls chaordic leadership. It's a term he invented to describe something that is simultaneously chaotic and ordered.
I wonder, if that's something we should be thinking about.
Link to chaordic leadership article.

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